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Prevention Services

Teaching Prevention Skills

Community Violence Solutions provides prevention and outreach services throughout Contra Costa and Marin Counties to raise awareness of the issue of sexual violence and to teach risk reduction strategies.

Classroom and community-based workshops are led by experienced facilitators and are offered at no charge. Issues addressed include sexual harassment, date rape, personal safety, and respectful communication. Each year, Community Violence Solutions reaches over 10,000 through its Prevention Services.

For Youth

Special emphasis is placed on reaching youth through middle and high schools, as well as colleges, and educating teens and young adults about effective ways to:

  • protect themselves
  • respect each other
  • find support

In addition, Girls Assertiveness Training workshops are offered after school or on weekends to help young women learn self-defense techniques and assertiveness skills. And, our new Male Ally Program has begun in Contra Costa County – working directly with boys and young men to teach the necessary skills males must develop in order to not participate in the perpetuation of sexual violence against women.

For Adults

Community Violence Solutions also provides workshops for adults via businesses and community organizations such as churches and service clubs on:

  • sexual harassment
  • personal safety
  • self-defense
  • male by-stander prevention

Joint workshops for parents and teens focusing on safety strategies, communication issues within the family, and community resources are also available.

For information or to schedule a presentation, call 510-237-0113 or send an e-mail to prevention@cvsolutions.org.

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